Large yurts create magical spaces from natural materials. Yurts provide an elegant and stylish alternative to traditional outdoor structures, making an architectural statement whilst maintaining a simple, classical elegance to grace any celebration event. In conjunction with Castle Yurts, a majestic 60ft in diameter yurt specifically designed with weddings in mind; it is large enough to seat all of your guests in one space. The yurt can comfortably accommodate between 100 – 200 guests seated around an inner circle, which is perfect for our dance floor or as a performance space.

Unlike other large wedding yurts available, the 60ft wedding yurt really is more like a yurt cathedral. It incorporates stunning architecture, proportional components and a structural elegance whilst still remaining a true yurt. Additional yurts or structures can be joined onto any of the four doors of the 60ft yurt, such as our new 20ft x 20ft A frame awning, or our 26ft yurt, providing extra ‘rooms’ which can be used for a variety of purposes such as: Bars, chill out rooms, lounges, or as an entrance hall to the main yurt.

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