Stretch Tents


Stretch tents are like land sculptures, each one the best it can be – all the potential of a stretch tent realised to compliment its unique setting.  Hard to define, our stretch tents sit somewhere between coral reef and clam, working effortlessly they cover and define an artistic presence not normally associated with tents.

There’s little to beat the magical atmosphere they create, their dynamic shapes and colours, or the amazing versatility they offer.
A stretch tent turns venues into big event possibilities, quickly transforms into viable atmospheric spaces, and offers a stylish and cost-effective outdoor cover solution. We work in conjunction with Freestretch who can cater for a wide range of party sizes, from corporate events and PR events to private parties the stretch tents can also be combined to create amazing and truly unique wed-festivals. By working with couples we can mix and match any number of tents to create unique party spaces that are spread over a site. Suitable for 150+ our wed-fest packages allow guests to flow between the reception, the bar, the dining and the dance tents.

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